Sad but True

I cried because I can go to the hospital of my choice, I can see a doctor and I can pay my bills and buy all my prescriptions without actually feeling it; or feeling it a little. How many people out there in Nigerian cities and villages are lying sick and have no access to hospital or medication?

“Energetic” and “imaginative”!

The hardest job children face today is learning good manners without seeing any around them. This shows that for children to really be good kids they must have seen some good manners displayed by their parents, and that is why it is very important that parents try as much as possible to shun any bad manners.

Believe in yourself!

We all have dreams, we also want those dreams to come true; but do we really believe in the actualization of those dreams? Or rather, do we really believe in our abilities to make our dreams a reality?

Teachers call it Copying but we call it Teamwork!

How many are out there willing to work with you as much as you want to work with them in order to achieve one good common goal? Many will prefer to work alone no matter the stress, no matter the time they take to accomplish the task and no matter the money they may invest in.

The Elites conspired to kill Education in Nigeria

Even at that, the intimidation of the children of the elites is also frustrating. They go to school with all sorts of expensive things, tempting the children of the lower class. Princess, Barbie, Hannah Montana, Cinderella, Ben 10 and more; all these cartoon characters are now physically seen on school bags, wrist watches, shoes, lunch boxes and other things the rich kids go to school with.

What are you doing for Others?

Yes doing things for others voluntarily can change so many things for better. I always say, and will continue to say it; “I have hope for my country; Nigeria.” I believe the moment we suspend selfishness and employ selfless attitudes, things will be better; because that’s also part of doing things for others.

I still have hope for Nigeria: Who rules the Nation tomorrow?

That’s our National Anthem that we kept reciting almost every day, in occasions or not. A times I use to ask myself; “What happens to this oath that we take over and over?  Do we know the consequences of taking an oath? Or are we just singing it to please our ears? Are we even fair to our “past heroes” whose labor we are letting to go in vain?