I still have hope for Nigeria: Who rules the Nation tomorrow?

(NOTE: This post was already published on July 7, 2013, on http://www.yarfulaniaturai.blogspot.com the blog has moved here. Though I have made some edits from the original text in the blog, the subject matter is still the same)

 July 7, 2013

Flag of Nigeria

Who rules the Nation tomorrow?

Can anyone answer this question, please? Perhaps I should re-frame the question to read “Can we ever correct the mistakes of our very own fathers who failed our forefathers?”

With all the unanswered questions I kept raising, I believe by now you have started feeling what am feeling and predicting where I am heading to, and I don’t think even you can answer me in a straightforward manner because even you and I are also equally guilty.

If you could recall, back then by the window of Hotel Monteleone, I told you I had so many questions which remain unanswered. The first question on how how to rebuild Nigeria was answered, and the answer was through the use the spirit of love, peace and unity. The second question which was how can we apply the spirit of love, peace and unity to solve the problems of Nigeria remains unanswered, and now the next question I have is who rules the Nigeria tomorrow?

I think there are a lot of things you and I can do “together” to make a difference, unless if you prefer we continue to remain silent, point fingers, remain divided and continue to face the challenges of our land over and over, hating and hurting ourselves.

No! I seriously think we must look for our own solutions ourselves because every responsible nation find theirs themselves and it made them even stronger. So let us find our very own strength in our diversity!

Coat of Arms

In Nigeria and elsewhere, I met many who gave up on hope for the betterment of the country, but I don’t! I still have hope for a better Nigeria. I have no reason to give up, and you shouldn’t because I believe one day things are going to change for the better for you and I.

It’s a kind of unique change that will arise from the shared spirit of  “love, peace, and unity”; which will eventually bind our men, women, and children together, despite our differences.

“Arise, O compatriots,

Nigeria’s call obey

To serve our Fatherland

With love and strength and faith.

The labor of our heroes past

Shall never be in vain,

To serve with heart and might

One nation bound in freedom, peace and unity.”

Map of Nigeria

That’s our National Anthem that we kept reciting almost every day, in occasions or not. A times I use to ask myself; “What happens to this oath that we take over and over?  Do we know the consequences of taking an oath? Or are we just singing it to please our ears? Are we even fair to our “past heroes” whose labor we are letting to go in vain?

Oh yes, the labor of our past heroes is beginning to wane in vain and that is why we are not bound by that same freedom, peace and unity we so sing every day. We are so relaxed and the problems we face today eats up and destroy the “Spirit of Freedom, Peace and Unity” we once shared as Nigerians.

Hmm…I wonder, and am still wondering whether we can be able to make it right because in the International arena, the examples given of our dear country is that of a failed Nation. A Nation crippled with problems of corruption and insecurity.

I strongly believe that corruption and insecurity is everywhere, but what makes ours different is because we failed as a Nation to tackle it, or so it is perceived.

While others’ shine and prosper ours is different because right from the little child on the street to the people high up in a position of authority, all our minds are occupied with greed, selfishness and insincerity.

In America forinstance, I heard stories of corruption, I had stories of crime, I had stories of drugs, and I even witness some with my own eyes. I paused to say, “So we (Nigerians) are not alone?” But I suddenly became disappointed when I remembered that all those problems are never a problem to them, because they have strong institutions that can hold people liable to their actions which we don’t have. Or rather which we don’t want to allow it to function because of our corrupt attitudes.

We even celebrate perpetrators of some unlawful acts…hmm!

This nomad, ‘Yar Fulani a Turai is still wondering and searching for answers, perhaps you may help.

“God; Let Nigerians share my pain so that together we can re-build our Nation with “Love, peace and unity”; so I pray Ameen!



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