Love! A Dangerous Game

High above the sky

Around the earth

Within the space of time

When in need of things

Away they’ve gone

Think, to think I can’tc.jpg

Nor to do otherwise

Because it kept moving on

Love, a dangerous game

To hate is less than that

Fight battled with arms

Is just not more than that

Why to love is just like that

To ask is just all the time

You that is here not far

Has just turn off my mind

Shine the way you are

Bright spark like glass

When the way you shine

I just know you are passing by

So come, come to me my love

Love is a dangerous game

Come, come for just one chance

Here, I hold you tight

Sleep, we sleep like that

As the sun hides by the moon

Awake, that’s what we are

When the sun shines like a star

That star is just like you