I had been declared a loser,

And my consciousness is beginning to prove this right.

Or had it?

Sad looking, loneliness, pale and ill-tempered.

The songs of desertion were sung,

And the rhythm of the aching feeling of being together with others hopely.

The path to destiny began in strides, notifying me of my wrongs, my failures.


I am a failure in life.

I have no north neither south, west nor east.

I squandered about, hoping to get more.

Lovers deserted me, friends shunned me, and even the ugliest among the birds abandoned me.

The butterfly flips teasingly, and the dirty roses bloomed wickedly, notifying me of being a loser, a failure.

The river runs dry, with the ocean freezing at the sight of me.

The dessert I have never plant grows very wildly, scaring me away.

The echo’s I heard from a faraway distance thrilled me.

Reminding me of my in-achievements in life.

Horrified and so afraid to the thought of it.

I had been declared a loser and a complete failure.