Dessert on Fire!

Because the cat mewed, the witches cackled,

‘Aa pray is caught;’ they whispered.

But to you standing nearby, it sounds like an echo.

The dog barks, trying to horrify the evil cat.

But end up scaring the goat,

The goat bleating and running for her dear life

From the indiscriminate thought of a hungry tigress sniffing for food. i

A horse lost in the jungle neighs.

It neighed trying to capture the attention of its owner.

But the roaring of an angry lion made it stand alert in front of an ensnared snake hissing to get its way out.

The hyena growls in pain, so did the tricking gorilla.

Both struggling for survival.

But the shrieking sound of a birds’ feather stopped them.

Dessert on fire!