Who is my Mentor?

College studies can be a daunting task, especially for a first-year student who has just transitioned from high school to college. From choosing a major to navigating through the new environment. From making friends to meeting new professors.  At this point, the students find themselves in a dilemma, not sure how to draw a line between studying and participating in other extracurricular activities on campus.

Even though no one said college students shouldn’t have fun, in most cases, when students decide to participate in some activities, they end up feeling guilty. Those who couldn’t gather the courage to make time out resort to social media, burying themselves deeper into more stress and depressing situations. Some of these stressful situations would have a dire consequence on their mental health.

Another critical challenge the students face is a choice between how much is too much fun and who decides if they should have fun or not. This is an ongoing battle between their instincts and their judgments, and, in most cases, the students end up sacrificing having fun and choose to burn themselves out from studies in the hope of a better job after graduation. 

No matter how hard one studies, there are so many things you still can’t learn in the classroom. I am not calling you dumb, dull, or silly. I just want you to realize that sometimes it takes more than just attending classes. Sometimes you need the additional expertise from someone whose been in your shoes before to guide you on what to do.

But how would you feel if I told you I knew someone who could help? This is none other than your mentor. Who else would know what is best for you other than your mentor? Because your mentor was once a student like you, who has passed through all the stages you have or would pass through in the future. Bob Proctor, an author of many best-selling books, said, “a mentor is someone who sees more talent and ability within you than you see in yourself, and helps bring it out of you.”

Your mentor can train you to understand how to garnish your study time with some fun so that instead of finding studies tedious and demanding, it would be exciting and fun. And all you need do is ask, just as Coach J Loren Norris once said, “If you cannot see where you are going, ask someone who has been there before.”  With the help of a mentor, you would be able to know how to plan your time wisely. You would be able to study hard and have fun without one affecting the other.

You or someone you know could need a mentor. If you do, then utilize the ‘contact us’ tab to know how to connect with your mentor.  If you don’t, at least someone you know does, so share the words and don’t forget to leave feedback and check our social media handles for updates.



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