Nigerians, help Nigeria for our children – Part 2

(NOTE: This post was already published on June 18, 2013, on the blog has moved here. Though I have made some edits from the original text in the blog, the subject matter is still the same)


Hope for Nigeria

June 18, 2013:

For some time now, I became speechless at the way things are happening in this country. Positive changes are taken place very slowly if not at stagnation level! The worst of it all is how sometimes nothing is being done, or if at all it’s done, it’s not done the way it should. Out of fear or nonchalant attitude, we keep mute as if we are cursed by the perpetrators of those ill acts. All we are left with is nothing but “HOPE”.

Some got killed, our parents, our brothers, and sisters, and even our friends were killed. “Killed by the insanity of the insane!” Crime rate and insecurity level everywhere! What did we do about it or rather what are we doing about it? Nothing! The answer is nothing. Why? Because we are afraid…afraid of the unknown. Chapter closed!

poor standard of Education

How can we rate the standards of education in Nigeria? Unfortunately, the rich flew their kids abroad and the poor? I don’t have to answer this, because we need not be mathematicians in order to know that the expense of sponsoring a child abroad can do magic in transforming our public schools at home.

Drug abuse! Abusing drugs to get out of your senses in the name of what? Madness I call it and at whose expense? Bad morale, lack of proper education, corruption and many more are responsible for turning responsible people into junkies.

Now let’s talk about the level of poverty and hunger? International Reports say the poor people are living below $1 that’s the equivalent of about N360 per day. I say, not very far from us, we all know and see thousand that are living below N150 per day. They are around us, it could even be us. A lot of us go to bed on an empty stomach. Do we wish to stay like that? Oh come on…let’s do something for a better tomorrow for our kids. Or do we want them to also live a life of poverty and hunger? I heard a loud “No! God Forbid!” but that is not enough, we have to act.

Unemployment…hmm!!! What can I say about this? It’s beyond reducing it to pen and paper. Who is responsible for this? Is it the people that refused to be self-employed? Or is it those that refuse to employ others? Or is it the government that refused to employ or to provides an adequate environment for employment? No answers yet…because this has and will forever remain a blame game and a topic for debate.

Here comes the almighty Corruption! Please remind me, what’s Nigeria’s rank in the midst of corrupt countries? I can’t remember now, but I know we are not doing any good. Oppsss!!! What does the corruption index below say about us?

Corruption Index

But we cannot lose hope; we can do better someday, at least for our children. We can bring corruption to an end soon, can’t we? I believe we can, and I can see a lot of people are beginning to add a voice to the fight against this menace that has eaten deep into the roots of Nigeria.

Oh! Oh! Oh….you name the rest of the challenges we face because I know they are countless and my ink is beginning to run dry. But before I put a final stop; let me ask you one last thing. “Are these not too much for a pregnant Nigeria; whose name of the unborn still remains an issue for us to decide?” So let’s do something, and please dear Nigerians let us help Nigeria for our children!!!


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